Vascular Medicine Fellows

2019 Graduation

Congratulations Atif on completing your Vascular Medicine fellowship!



And a big thanks to the Vascular Surgery team (residents, fellows, faculty), Vascular lab staff and clinic staff who’s contributions were all part of his education. 

I want to thank Atif for having the dedication to spend one year as a vascular medicine fellow with us after already working as a fully trained cardiologist for 3 years. His motivation is a true sentiment to our goal of having started the VM fellowship. 

The idea of having formal education of vascular internists has been adopted by the major cardiology and vascular medicine societies but there is no ACGME that governs this. The training guideline for the American College of Cardiology now require all Cardiology trainees to have some exposure to vascular medicine and provide recommendations for advanced training for those who want to pursue subspecialization in vascular medicine.  
Dr. Fukaya's Full Graduation Remarks Here

Current Vascular Medicine Fellow

Tom Alsaigh, MD

Internal Medicine 2021 Scripps Clinic/ Green Hospital, La Jolla, CA
M.D. 2016 Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
B.S. 2006 University of California, San Diego

2019-2020 Vascular Medicine Fellow

Amy Kaufman, MD

Internal Medicine 2019 University Chicago (Northshore)
M.D. 2015 University Chicago
B.S. 2009 Biological Sciences, Stanford University

2018-2019 Vascular Medicine Fellow

Mohamad Atif Rana, MD

Internal Medicine 2012 Western Pennsylvania Allegheny Health System
M.D. 2004 Armed Forces Medical College, India

Vascular Medicine Fellow

Cardiology 2013, Stanford University
M.D./Ph.D., 2006 University of Alabama School of Medicine
B.S. 1991 University of Alabama

2013-2014 Vascular Medicine Fellow

Peter Chang, MD

Internal Medicine, 2008 UCSF
M.D. 2004 University of Hawaii
B.S. 2000 University of Chicago