Jennifer Avise, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery

Specialties: open and percutaneous treatment of peripheral vascular disease including management of claudication and limb salvage techniques, vascular trauma, dialysis access, treatment of venous disease, aortic disease including aneurysm and dissection, and management of carotid artery disease. 

Ronald Dalman, MD
Chief, Stanford Vascular Surgery
Professor of Surgery

Specialties: minimally invasive revascularization techniques of the lower extremities, catheter-based and open management of carotid and extra-cranial cerebrovascular occlusive disease to prevent stroke, minimally invasive management of AAA disease, catheter-based and open management of venous diseases including varicose veins, subclavian vein thrombosis and superior vena cava syndrome, novel drug therapies for lower extremity ischemia and leg pain with walking, upper extremity circulation disorders, intestinal circulation disorders