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"Welcome to Stanford Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. We are dedicated to the highest levels of patient care, professional education and clinical and translational research."


Ronald L. Dalman, MD, Chidester Professor and Division Chief of Vascular Surgery

The Division works continually to improve quality of life for patients with vascular diseases. We are privileged to work with an outstanding team of faculty and community vascular specialists, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, radiologists, podiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, basic scientists, engineers and computer scientists. Our ongoing collaborations have promoted remarkable academic and clinical productivity involving new and dramatically improved techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease, gaining the Division international recognition as a Vascular Center of Excellence.

The faculty is distinguished by expertise in many aspects of vascular disease management, but perhaps none more so than aortic aneurysm disease. Stanford Vascular Surgeons are recognized around the world as leaders in aortic aneurysm treatment and research.

2017 Graduation Dinner



The Division of Vascular Surgery has moved

300 Pasteur Drive, Alway Building M121
Stanford, CA 94305

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Latest News

American College of Surgery Clinical Congress 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Venita Chandra and Dr. Neelima Katragunta on their acceptance to the Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons.  

Western Vascular Society 32nd Annual Meeting

We would like to offer congratulations to Dr. E. John Harris has he assumes his role as President of the Western Vascular Society!  

Dr. Harris was joined by Stanford Vascular Faculty Drs. Ronald Dalman, Venita Chandra, and Matthew Mell along with Vascular Trainees Drs. Graeme McFarland (Vascular Fellow), Mike Sgroi (Vascular Fellow), Nathan Itoga (Vascular Resident), and Kenneth Tran (Vascular Resident) representing Stanford at the
32nd Annual Meeting of the Western Vascular Society on September 23-26, 2017.

The Stanford Population Health Science is holding their Annual Symposium on

November 6, 2017 | 8:30AM - 5:00PM

326 Galvez Street, Stanford, CA 94305

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New Babies in Vascular

We want to offer congratulations to our familes with new babies.  Vascular Resident, Dr. Nate Itoga's family expanded to include Sachi Itoga in May.  Vascular Nurse Practioner, Ani Bagdasarian welcomed baby Arev Abnous and Division Manager, Dr. Wajhma Aboud welcomed baby Zane Aboud in June.  Vascular Resident, Dr. Elsie Ross's family expanded to include Alexander Ross in August.  Vascular Adjunct Professor Dr. Chris Chang welcomed baby Cameron Cheng and Vascular Resident Dr. Patrick Thompson welcomed William Thompson in September.  We are excited for our growing Vascular family and wish everyone the best.  

Sachi Itoga
Born: May 2017


Arev Abnous
Born: June 2017

Zane Aboud
Born: June 2017

Alexander Ross
Born: August 2017


Cameron Cheng
Born: September 2017


William Thompson
Born: September 2017


Patient Care

We provide expert care for patients with complex aortic, arterial and venous disorders.



ACGME-accredited Stanford Traditional Vascular Residency (5+2 yrs)

ACGME-accredited Stanford Integrated Vascular Residency (0+5 yrs)

Vascular Medicine Fellowship

Interesting Cases

Educational Seminars


Basic, translational and applied research into all facets of vascular disease.