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"Welcome to Stanford Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. We are dedicated to the highest levels of patient care, professional education, and clinical and translational research."


Ronald L. Dalman, MD, Chidester Professor and Division Chief of Vascular Surgery

The Division works continually to improve quality of life for patients with vascular diseases. We are privileged to work with an outstanding team of faculty and community vascular specialists, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, radiologists, podiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, basic scientists, engineers and computer scientists. Our ongoing collaborations have promoted remarkable academic and clinical productivity involving new and dramatically improved techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease, gaining the Division international recognition as a Vascular Center of Excellence.

The faculty is distinguished by expertise in many aspects of vascular disease management, but perhaps none more so than aortic aneurysm disease. Stanford Vascular Surgeons are recognized around the world as leaders in aortic aneurysm treatment and research.

Faculty Wellness

Dr. Dalman discusses “the epidemic” of burnout and how to effectively build a career in vascular surgery at the London Aortic Symposium 2018, where he gave a keynote lecture focusing on his advice for the future.

StanfordVasc x Surgical Outcomes Club

Clinical Associate Professor Dr. Oliver Aalami will participate in the mobile health panel at this year's Surgical Outcomes Club (SOC) annual meeting and scientific session. The meeting will take place on Sunday, October 27 in San Francisco, immediately preceding the American College of Surgeons' Clinical Congress. The SOC is offering the AcademyHealth Travel Scholarship to ease the financial burden of attending for young investigators. Learn more.

Associate Professor Dr. Shipa Arya is a member of the SOC's Board of Directors. Five years ago she was the recipient of the Michael Zinner Health Services Research Fellowship, an experience which she says "immensely helped" her career. Learn more. 

Vascular Surgery Represents at VINNOVA Symposium

Drs. Chris Cheng, Ronald Dalman, and Patrick Thompson will represent Stanford's Division of Vascular Surgery in this year’s Biodesign collaboration with the VINNOVA Vascular Innovation Symposium in Beijing this week, focused on technology transfer and medical device/care process development in China. The initiative is being led by Gordon Saul, Executive Director, Stanford Byer’s Center for Biodesign.

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KGO TV- The Heart of a Warrior: Saving Tom Tolbert

KGO TV- The Heart of a Warrior: Saving Tom Tolbert

Bay Area sports personality and former Golden State Warrior Tom Tolbert suffered an aortic dissection in 2017. The documentary shows how Stanford Hospital treated the life-threatening tear near his heart. Dr. Joseph Woo, Chair of the Dept. of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dr. Jason Lee, Director of Endovascular Surgery, and Dr. David Liang, professor of cardiovascular medicine, are interviewed for the story.

Vascular News

Vascular Research in the News

Vascular research led by Stanford Vascular Chief, Dr. Ron Dalman and vascular resident Dr. Nathan Itoga was published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Their retrospective cohort study reviews if metformin reduces AAA progression. Given the results of this study, Dalman suggests, “prospective testing is needed to validate the efficacy of metformin in limiting AAA disease progression in patients regardless of glycometabolic status.”

The Inaugural Weesam AlKhatib, MD Visiting Professorship Lecture

Anton Sidawy, MD, MPH, DFSVS, FACS
Professor and the Lewis B. Saltz Chair
Department of Surgery
George Washington University


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We provide expert care for patients with complex aortic, arterial and venous disorders.



ACGME-accredited Stanford Traditional Vascular Residency (5+2 yrs)

ACGME-accredited Stanford Integrated Vascular Residency (0+5 yrs)

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Basic, translational and applied research into all facets of vascular disease.