Getting set up - understanding the equpipment

Preparing for the procedure

The operator should be familiar with the optimal patient and equipment position prior to starting the procedure. The controls that operate the various mechanisms including image capture, table position, and C-arm location should be second nature for the operator. It is also important for the operator to be aware of what eqipment and tools are readily available in anticipating of what lesions may be encountered if therapy is required. This is especially important as different stents and balloons are specific for certain sized sheaths. Being aware of this issue helps to appropriately and cost-effectively plan for the minimum number of devices to be utilized during the case.

In the process of preparing for the procedure, the operator should also be cognizant of the healthcare team that will be assisting and be readily communicative with every member of the team.

Table setup, starter kit & confirming position

Catheter size, shape & function

Therapeutic & closure devices